Ken Mouradian

The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service is a Foreign Affairs Agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Commercial Section of a U.S. diplomatic mission (i.e., embassy, consulate, U.S. representative office, mission), the Commercial Service has offices in 75 foreign countries and operates 108 domestic field offices, called U.S. Export Assistance Centers. The Commercial Service’s mandate is the promotion of U.S.-origin commodities, services and technologies in foreign markets; the defense of U.S. commercial interests abroad; and, the attraction of in-bound Foreign Direct Investment.

As the Director of the Orlando U.S. Export Assistance Center, Kenneth R. Mouradian is responsible to facilitate the export of U.S.-origin commodities, services and technologies from eleven counties in Central Florida. He is also the Executive Secretary of the Northern and Central – West Florida District Export Council; Member of the Management Board of the National Entrepreneur Center; and, serves as an IPR Specialist within the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service.

Mr. Mouradian came to Orlando in 2002 as a Foreign Service Officer (U.S. diplomat) on a two-year tour-of- duty. His previous assignments were as Second Secretary for Commercial Affairs at the U.S. Mission to the European Union, where he was responsible for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical medicines, customs and taxation portfolios; and Management Program Analyst in Career Development and Assignments (Washington, DC), where he worked on special projects, such as the development and administration of a specialized version of the Foreign Service Exam for the recruitment of Foreign Service Officers into the Commercial Service.

Prior to joining the U.S. Department of Commerce, Mr. Mouradian was Marketing Specialist at Trellis Communications Corporation (Manchester, NH); Editor of the IBC USA BioMedical Library Series and Editorial Assistant of Drug and Market Development at IBC USA (Marlborough, MA); and Lead Analyst for European Markets and Biotechnology at GIC Trade / GIC Agricultural Group (Alexandria, VA). He also worked on the MacSharry Reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy for a field office of the European Commission, Directorate – General Agriculture (LaRochelle, France); and he helped to develop a citywide recycling program for the City of Nashua, NH.

Mr. Mouradian possesses a Master of Arts in European Studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University (Washington, DC) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University (Washington, DC). Mr. Mouradian reads, writes and speaks French fluently.

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